Taking up the concept of a slideshow of tourist images to realise the project in Majorca at the end of the summer of 2016. Aizpitarte's research is based on historic hotel icons, coastal profiles and cruise routes. The result expresses the relationship between the imaginary tourist and subjective memory. The captured image moves through the usual tourist places and icons of the island and superimposes them in a psychedelic and dreamlike way, making the experience of light the centre of its visual objective.


Juan Aizpitarte. Crossing the border between action and representation, he invades the terrain of social policies and the aesthetic of the masses. In his latest works, play and fiction are imposed as ways of communication, introducing the public as part of his works.

Interested in acting on different scales, he investigates and intervenes in urban territories through his actions in and on the public space, allowing us to question the contemporary world through participatory social activism and the processes of media appropriation. At the same time, his videographic works, after an apparent formalism, introduce these same elements from a more introspective position. He has worked on projects about social contexts and tourism, such as "Benidorm, Benidorm" and has started "Ciutat de vacances" with a residency at Arts Santa Monica: Tourism Interpretation Centre (August, 2016).

Among his latest exhibitions, "Souvenirs" (Maior Gallery, 2018) and "Turismoak" (Sala Koldo Mitxelena, 2018).




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