Replicant Node of the City Stage


The Pueblo Español (Spanish Village) as a replica replicates itself, leaping the borders of its private enclosure and reproducing itself in never-ending stop-overs, in the production of the contemporary spaces of the historic city centre of Palma, Majorca. The replica escapes from its place of confinement and by devouring its point of reference the inhabited city is reproduced.

The Left Hand Rotation collective developed interventions in the public space within the environment of the Pueblo Español with collaborative dynamics involving society and other creators in reflections on the relationship between tourism and contemporary cities.

In the sessions that took place at Es Baluard and in the neighbourhood of Son Espanyolet (Palma) on 12th, 13th and 14th May, 2016 they analysed and reflected on the idea of the city as a theme park, on the “Brand City” concept and tourism as a tool legitimised by the economic crisis. They also carried out a series of collective urban actions in the area, which are reflected in this video.


Left Hand Rotation is an artistic collective active since 2005, which runs projects that express intervention, appropriationism, the recording and manipulation of videos. The collective is structured as an impersonal entity unassociated with the individual/author and approaches each project in the belief that the recipient community is not a spectator but an active, essential part of the transformation of social reality. The will of communities to testify to their situation enables the action to be expressed.

LEFT (the abstract concept) HAND (the object, the material) ROTATION (the action) is a turn in the opposite direction that can occur at any time, a screw that must be tightened the opposite way to what is expected.



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