Tourist images. Historical Approaches


An experimental proposal regarding the interactions of an archive and re-readings of the tourist image. Marina Planas, granddaughter of Josep Planas Montanyà, who introduced the postcard and tourist photography to Majorca, develops a contemporary interpretation of her grandfather's archive, concentrating on a wide background of industrial, tourist and commercial photography in the Balearic Islands. The work makes reference to the Atlas of Aby Warburg and the fragility of the document as a negation of access to the touristic past, with an analytical rigour conditioned by the historical a priori.


Marina Planas Video-artist, writer and cultural manager has lived/worked in Barcelona, New York and Palma. In New York she studied a Master's degree (Photography, Video & Related Media) at SVA, where she was granted with the Alice Beck-Odette Scholarship (2012-13). In SVA she also taught video and photography in the Department of Fine Arts. Her installations, videos and photographs have been shown at Anthology Film Archive (NYC), La Nacional (NYC), in the context of the Venice Biennale, at the Santa Monica Arts Center (BCN), at Es Baluard Museum (Palma), in the Genova Biennale, in 300 Stvorcov (Eslovaquia) and in various national theaters. During 2018 Marina shows her work at Sa Quartera d'Inca, in Murcia with 1r Escalón and at Just Mad Art Fair. Currently, she continues to investigate topics related to the effects of technology on our bodies and works as a cultural manager to the Center of Creation Casa Planas (the only creation center located in Palma), where she has initiated an Art Investigation Programme, focused on residencies with the aim to give life and make interventions on the Planas Archive. Marina Planas graduated in Visual Media and has worked as a photographer, art critic, scriptwriter, camera and cinema restorer in the past.



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