Línea de costa


A series of photographs created by Miguel Trillo during two period of residence on the beaches of Palma and environs during the summer of 2016. The images present a dialogue between urban territory and human presence in which portraits of young Spanish and foreign tourists who roam or surrender to leisure in different areas and spaces along the Palma coastline predominate.


Miguel Trillo is a graduate of Image and of Hispanic Linguistics. A witness to an era, since the end of the seventies he has portrayed groups of young people in musical surroundings (concerts, parties, etc.) in a Spain emerging from dictatorship. In the eighties he photographed the so-called "Movida Madrileña". In the past decade, while still reflecting on Spanish youth, he also travelled to the megalopoli of Asia in search of new urban aesthetics. In 2009 the Centro Andaluz de arte Contemporáneo of Seville dedicated a retrospective to him, "Identidades". In 2014 the Spanish Ministry of Culture presented his latest project at the Tabacalera exhibition site ("Afluencias. Costa Este-Costa Oeste"). His work comes within the photographic documentary style with conceptual intentions. This is evidenced in his catalogues in the form of disposable tourist postcards (the "Souvenirs" series) or postage stamps that he presented at the H2O gallery ("Geografía Moderna" series). He is currently exhibiting his work in the exhibition halls of the permanent collections of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.




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